Customizable Rewards

Pick from a points- or punch-based system and choose rewards and loyalty levels that match your goals and your customers’ tastes. Clover merchants receive a lite version free.

Create stronger relationships.

Greet customers by name and deliver a fun, personal experience that will keep them coming back. Enroll new customers just by printing receipts, which come with an automatic enrollment code.

Connect with customers.

Send special offers to customers’ mobile phones in real time, so you can create offers on the fly. Respond to slow times, changes in weather or inventory levels to bring customers in anytime you want.

Reward sales, not visits.

Validate purchases at the register to grant rewards only to your best paying customers.


Bluetooth beacon technology allows for automatic check-ins and full functionality

Track how effectively your customers are engaging with your loyalty program and which perks are the most popular.

Perka tracks your customers and their purchase preferences. Perka provides the ability to market to them anytime, anywhere.

Track historical campaigns and see how they performed. Modify offers and improve results.

Monitor the things that matter. Track customer movements, new customer and points-reward analytics

Need A Custom Integration

We work with strategic partners in various industry to provide varying payment capabilities and integrations.

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