Cloud Based

Clover™ solutions provide merchants benefits of big business without the costs. Avoid the cost of expensive servers and maintenance. Sync data and information between devices. Access and manage data remotely, securely stored in the cloud.

App Market

Take advantage of the rapidly growing Clover™ App Market with over 130 apps. Custom software options allow merchants to Integrate business processes like employee management, reporting, payroll, marketing and much more.

Advanced Connectivity

All Clover POS devices come equipped with ability for redundant internet connections. Choose to connect your device/s by ethernet, WiFi, and cellular. Internet redundancy helps to ensure no sale is ever lost.

Future Proofed

Clover™ products are enabled with the latest technology including NFC and BLE. These technologies are essential to provide for evolving payment standards and future proofed technology.


Bluetooth beacon technology allows for automatic check-ins and full functionality

Track how effectively your customers are engaging with your loyalty program and which perks are the most popular.

Perka tracks your customers and their purchase preferences. Perka provides the ability to market to them anytime, anywhere.

Track historical campaigns and see how they performed. Modify offers and improve results.

Monitor the things that matter. Track customer movements, new customer and points-reward analytics

Need A Custom Integration

We work with strategic partners in various industry to provide varying payment capabilities and integrations.

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